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Notre Dame Football Job Requirement Fiery Spirit, If Not Beard

Notre Dame is a school that puts so much faith in his image, and understandably, to trust that image as long as you’re wearing the green suit. If there is a sport which is popular at the University of Notre Dame, this is football.

Its origins date back to 1879, although officially began competing in 1887 have won the national championship 13 times but nevertheless, the university only supports 11 championships because of the peculiar way of choosing champions until 2006.

The auditions for the role of choosing the leprechaun Notre Dame are challenging. The most distinctive of the person who will become the Notre Dame Leprechaun mascot should not be able to jump, fall, scream, verbalize, or pose for the camera feature.

Must be his imperturbability, as it has to look like a traditional leprechaun. They want to ensure that there is clumsy beyond that, the person behind the leprechaun to love Notre Dame with the kind of seriousness that made Mr.John Doran, who served in the post for the victory the 2014 season and currently displayed when talking about opening the season Saturday.

The elf is considered a part of the cheerleading squad and should test be designed to make even the most gregarious personality shrinks like a frightened cat.

Leprechaun’s auditions are instructed to approach students and talks. They have few formal rituals. In football games typically found in the student section, rallying the crowd.

The elf became the official mascot in 1965, one of the most emblematic of college football teams, and is known for being one of the last pets that do not have a mask. Originally, most pets were more than people.

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