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Manchester United manager Louis Van Gaal aims at defeating their rival arsenal completely in their next tie after they claimed the top spot in the English Premier League table.

They emerged to be on the top spot from Manchester City with a comfortable 3-0 win over Sunderland on Saturday as their manager Gall tells of how the win has given the Manchester united players enough confidence after how they started the season with poor performances.

They claim that arsenal is the most difficult team to beat in the league but they believe next week will be possible to beat them.

The manager congratulated striker Wayne Rooney as well as Winger Memphis Depay carry out their first goals of the season at crucial points during the game.

He continued to say that he was happy with the performance of Anthony because despite being a goal scorer, he is an attacking point as well as prepares goals.

They made goals as a team and who makes goals is not important since, you have to beat your opponents and when one makes more goals than the opponents then they are the winners.

Good luck for the team was in the last minute of the first half. Sunderland wasted a lot of time during the first half.

They are on 16 points as of now from seven English Premier League matches and a point ahead of second placed city

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