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Body blow on Texas Referee Shakes School and Sport

In the city of San Antonio, Texas, a place in the US where football is a popular sport, are often very often Friday night, at the beginning of each fall weekend, hundreds of stadiums where they shine their lights, mainly at secondary level, and where John Jay School Mustang has repeatedly been the main stage.

It is in this school, which bears the name of who was the First Chief Justice of the Nation, and has not shown his best with a negative balance of 4-6, in the last 5 years, where an embarrassing fact has occurred starring 2 young, who beat violently to an unsuspecting referee, who joined the bad behavior during football games (kicks, extra points, etc.) have led the public to reflect seriously about whether these facts are an expression of the dark side of sports in the secondary level, or simply constitute an isolated incidence of terrible behavior.

Sports and school authorities need to be alert. Any sport in general and football in particular the US should be practiced with tenacity and passion, but at the same time a fair and transparent manner.

Young people must see the respect, the love of the shirt and will in the sport as standards that force them to make greater efforts This means that you must instill in them values of solidarity, tolerance, discipline, love of neighbor, and so learn to accept the results, and the general public remain pleased with the sporting spectacle.

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