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Tom Brady Still The Top NFL Selling Jersey

Tom Brady the England Patriots quarterback is still the best selling in the NFL league, despite Deflate-gate controversy.

The first two weeks of the season have seen Brady’s jersey no 12 being at the top of the best selling on the official league website.

Additionally, among all the licensed merchandise, Brady was the best selling player from 1st March to 31st May, based on the list produced by NFL players association.

According to Stacy James the Patriots spokesman, Brady merchandise sale at the patriots pro shop was uncharacteristically high during the off-season.

The lead is amazing for the Patriots as their jersey has never changed since Brady joined the league. Their main jersey changed in 2010, apart from the switch of manufacturers.

That is from Reebok to Nike as well as a change in the font in the logo just below the neck. It is said that it is not jersey that is selling at this rate.

On 10th September, Under Armour was the best selling for the black shirt worn by Brady during its new commercial entry. In fact, the shirt has the number 199 written on it in black.

This number was the overall selection that Brady was picked with during the 2000 draft of the NFL.

This shirt by then sold out within hours. Furthermore, the company that is endorsed by Brady has already taken pre-orders for the jersey in the release of the next batch.

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