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The Rugby World Cup Might Be A Savior To American Football

Rugby is one of the most interesting sports to fans all over the world. It has now come knocking in the American base of fans.

Now rugby official hope that the 2015 rugby world cup is to take a thunder in the American sports fan.

It is now underway in England. Among other teams, the United States has its team made up mostly of the amateur players.

It is one of the top 20 teams that is engaging in a pool play with the sole purpose of reaching the finals on 31st October 2015.

The officials hope to sell this unavoidable event in a pay per view basis to the entire American citizens.

It is more of a game for the Australian wallabies, New Zealand, the springboks of SA as well as the angles of the United States.

The United States lost to Samoa during their pool opener. Now they are aiming at upsetting Scotland on Saturday.

On Wednesday, Scotland beat Japan 45 points to 10 points while the South African giants were thrashed 34-32 by the astonishing Japan.

This shocked the entire rugby world. The American football is really borrowing techniques from rugby sporting activity in tackling the players.

In fact Pete Carroll the Seattle Seahawks coach has noted that the tackling techniques are quite inspiring. This is more pronounced due to the rugby players.

The main objective of borrowing the techniques is to maintain a high physical integrity during the play while at the same time acquiring a safe tackling technique as noted by Carroll.

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