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Manchester United starts off the UEFA Champions League without Wayne Rooney

Sad news for Wayne Rooney fans and Manchester United supporters’ altogether. It seems that he won’t be joining his team on its return to the group stage after one year.

Rooney missing from Manchester United doesn’t have any mysterious reason behind the absence of Manchester United’s beloved captain. The only cause of it consists in an unfortunate hamstring injury that he got while playing against Liverpool.

The hamstring injury that led to Rooney missing from Manchester United game actually occurred before the team won 3-1 against Liverpool. This is why there was no way he could have been assigned to play against PSV Eindhoven so soon after his injury.

Despite the fact that Rooney missing from Manchester United right on the first game in the group isn’t the ideal way of starting the championship, supporters and team manager are hoping for the best.
Especially considering the fact that the other opponents except PSV Eindhoven that Manchester United is going to have in this group are going to be Wolfsburg and CSKA Moscow.

Rooney missing from Manchester United is going to make a lot of supporters sad, but the match is still going to be an interesting event considering that the manager of Manchester United will return to the country he was born in, Netherlands.

Some football critics claim that Rooney missing from Manchester United might not be such a bad thing after all because he hasn’t been playing so well in the last period of time which makes it questionable whether or not the Red Devils still consider him important.

A good test is going to be marked by his absence because without him as a captain to lead the game, the team might not be doing so good. However, if Manchester United is going to win against PSV Eindhoven, there will be a big question mark regarding Rooney’s real ability of holding the team together.

But even if the team loses, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the current captain is as important to Manchester United as supporters want him to be.

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