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Wayne Rooney becomes all-time leading England goal-scorer

A legend before thirty is not everybody’s milestone. Wayne “Mark” Rooney who played a little role at mid-field but most of his career as a forward, captains both Manchester United and England national team. England’s national team kept its winning streak when he scored a record-breaking goal from a penalty.

Making your way through history books requires hard-work as well as constant determination. One does not simply decide to pick a game and become a star. Rooney started to join the youth team at age nine. He made his professional debut at age sixteen, spent two seasons at Merseyside club before moving to Manchester united.

Wayne Rooney then started catering achievements on his way up the career path. At the UEFA Euro 2004 he scored four goals which marked him later to be the youngest goal-scorer in European Championships. The consistency of his performance was notable throughout his games.

In the World Cups, FIBA acknowledged this rising star that never failed in making exclamatory plays and regarded him to be the best player in his country. Along with the remarkable display of talent, he was also ironically coined to be the most red-card player for England.

The ultimate-goal that led to England’s winning streak delivered by Wayne Rooney, placed him further amongst the top foot-ball players in the world. Such achievement at young age is a clear manifestation of deep passion.

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