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Inter Milan wins despite Mario Balotelli being back at AC Milan

Mario Balotelli’s return at AC Milan didn’t help the team win the game against Inter because Fredy Guarin still managed to score. Roberto Mancini’s team had a great start that kept them going as good throughout the entire match.

Balotelli was introduced on the field an hour after the game began, but he had enough time to shine and his team colleagues as well as his manager appreciated that. In other words, Mario Balotelli’s return didn’t go unnoticed despite the fact that AC Milan didn’t win the game.

According to Riccardo Montolivo, AC Milan’s captain, Mario Balotelli’s performance on the AC Milan vs Inter Milan game was one to remember and he remains hopeful that the 25-year-old football player is going to continue in this way.

He also said that Mario Balotelli’s return was a great opportunity for the football player to show the progress that he made over the years.

The truth of the matter is that Balotelli’s progress is something that can’t be denied and his manager, as well as AC Milan’s captain, are waiting to see how Balotelli is going to evolve over the next months until Christmas time.

It is clear that he has trained really well until now. During Mario Balotelli’s return at AC Milan, he had a great performance, saving a ball from Samir Handanovic, Inter’s goalkeeper and proving everyone that he can play a great game.

Despite the fact that Inter tried to push his buttons several times through their remarks regarding his time at Anfield, he didn’t want to respond and by doing so, he definitely seemed like a different person to everyone.

Mario Balotelli’s return had a great impact for everyone, especially himself, showing that he can refrain from making comments even when the opposite team is challenging him to do so. Another thing that may have to do with his well-mannered behaviour is the contract.

According to unofficial sources, he isn’t allowed to go out at night, smoke or get a funky haircut. Although these clauses might seem a bit drastic, you would have to know Mario Balotelli’s past behavior to understand why those were needed.

Without a doubt, Sinisa Mihajlovic, Milan’s coach has only good things to say about him. In fact, he is hopeful that this is the beginning of a great career path and people, especially journalists, shouldn’t bring the past up again.

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