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Haiti takes Australia’s place as U.S Women National Team’s opponent

Everyone was excited about the two upcoming women’s soccer games between the U.S and Australia. First of all, because this is a sport that isn’t widely practiced by the female gender and secondly due to the fact that the U.S Women National Team takes a lot of pride in its results and organized a victory tour that this game was supposed to be a part of.

if you’re not convinced by people’s excitement, you should know that more than 60,000 tickets were sold for this event.

Australia’s Women’s National Team was supposed to play against the U.S Women National Team two times: the first game was scheduled on Sept. 17 in Detroit and the following one on Sept. 20 in Birmingham, Alabama, which means that both of them are less than a week away.

However, Australia’s team went on strike this Tuesday and a spokesperson officially stated that the team has called both of these games off.

It’s no wonder that the fans of U.S Women National Team began to worry that the highly anticipated soccer games will no longer take place, especially when Australia’s team backed off on such a short notice.

Even though there were several misunderstandings that made The Matildas go on strike, including the labor and also some issues with the U.S Women’s team as well, there was never any discussion of cancelling the soccer games.

After all, the U.S Women National Team deserve their victory tour despite any other inconvenient. Not having an opponent can surely represent a big inconvenient, considering that more than 60,000 tickets were sold and it would have been very difficult to reschedule the entire event.

However, the federation of football in Australia was kind enough to look for another opponent for the U.S team. Fans and U.S women soccer team’s members were anxious to see whether this search for a new team to play against the U.S was going to lead somewhere.

Fortunately, it did and now the U.S Women National Team has a new team to play against: Haiti. So, don’t lose your ticket if you already bought one for Detroit or Birmingham and don’t make any other plans.

On Sept. 17 and Sept. 20, the U.S women’s soccer team waits for you to cheer for them despite the fact that both of these games are already part of a victory tour. Any soccer game is exciting especially if you are a fan of women’s soccer.

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