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2015 Fantasy Football: Tight End Preview and Rankings

Traditionally tight end is the thinnest of the four positions of fantasy football offensive, known to all and in the current season of American football it seems that in terms of starting position there are more questions than usual; something unusual if compared with previous years.

By doing a little analysis of the best closed in the past year (2014) wings, only 4 of the selected finished in the top 10, of which only one can be expected to obtain a higher average of 10 points of standard fantasy game the current season Mr. Rob Gronkowski. The rest is playing despite its potential with less production of wealth fantasies parties.

Based on the current consensus of Draft Position Average is locate in the field the best tight ends as well as valued worse, so that the project as a team gets to work with teams of more value in leagues standard score and get with This superior athletic performance as average cumulative Fantasy Points Per Game(FPPG) per game is concerned.

We expect the results in the percentage of the tight FPPG 2015 are comparatively higher than earlier. This still consider as significant data for this position that FPPG of the 3 best tight ends last season earned an average of 45.9 less standard in relation to the previous one.

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