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Mourinho blamed himself for poor performance

Although it is not easy to be always a champion, no one could expect Chelsea to have such a horrible start this season where after 4 games, Jose Mourinho’s team is in the 13th place of the Premier League table with 4 points only.

On Saturday, after another poor performance against Crystal Palace in Stanford Bridge and the 2-1 defeat to their opponents, Special One took the responsibility for the way the team plays and also he blamed himself for not changing one or more players during the last game who clearly underperformed. The coach without naming them, said about their play that is wasn’t good at all.

The fans from their part, named the guilty players to be Bosko Ivanovic, Nemanja Matic and Sesc Fabregas. All three played a huge part in last season’s league title, but this year, these players are playing below their known standards affecting the way the team performs.
Especially for the last home defeat, fans and reporters also question Eden Hazard’s play as he barely got into the match.

Maybe Mourinho’s action to let these players on field for the 90 minutes, is his way to tell Abramovich that the team should enter the transfer market at any cost.

The transfer window for English teams is closing on Tuesday September 1 and is very difficult for the Blues to acquire a new player, as Everton is not willing to sell John Stokes, 21, whatever the price and also Mourinho’s top of the list transfer target, Paul Pogba who is more likely to stay with Juventus.

With these facts, it is clear that Coach has to change the bad way the team plays with the resources he already has at his disposal, before the fans start to think that the only solution for the team to return to previous years performances would be to remove Special One from the team.

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