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Manchester United vs. Newcastle United Draw:Has Rooney been jinxed by Van Gaal’s pre-match statement?

Some were saying that United made Newcastle look good following the game at Old Trafford this week. Some may say that the goal by Wayne Rooney should have been allowed. Whatever they are saying, it’s clear that Manchester United need to go back to the drawing board.

With Wayne Rooney not producing even one goal this season, it may be said that he has been further jinxed by Van Gaal’s statement.

An interview before the game with Van Gaal revealed, on being asked about Rooney’s goal-less performance so far, that he had told Wayne he didn’t need to score in this game, but so long as they won, he would be happy.

Clearly no one is happy after the 0-0 result and we are wondering if that statement from Van Gaal hasn’t jinxed poor Rooney, furthering his goal drought.

Further statements from Van Gaal are proving he is being as positive as his dry demeanor can show, stating that Manchester had their best game of the season against New Castle. What? Is he serious? So maybe goals don’t matter? Maybe it’s all about performance? Sorry Van Gaal, one cant get high points by drawing all the time, a win is required, goals are a must.

Van Gaal reflected that his team didn’t reward themselves in the first half or even in the second half. Hopefully they will start doing this from the next match.

The goalies in this match, who generally get little exposure and comment in comparison to the goal scorers, showed that they, in fact, dominated the game this time. Perhaps this is the reason why there was no score in the death. The goalies were just that good.

Van Gaal, on being asked why he thinks his team is the best in the league, denied this statement, saying that he never said that. Its obvious, he mused, that Chelsea are the best, given they have the most points. So far, of course.

So we wait, anxiously, for the next Manchester game which is against Swansea City. The proverbial “they” are saying that Manchester better bring their true formula to play or Swansea will take this one.

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